Wrinkle Relaxers

With tiny diabetic needles the small and safe injections into various muscles of the face, predominantly in the upper third will result in significant softening of many wrinkles and furrows. With a 25 year history, it has become the most common product used to help restore your youthful freshness.

Ideal for frown lines, brow lines, crows feet and especially useful in smokers lines of the upper lips, which allows the lip to look natural rather then overly full.

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Wrinkles & Furrow Fillers

This complex sugar molecule is the second most common methods of softening the signs of aging. This method has been used in Australia for over 10 years with negligible side effects.

Ideally suited for cheeks, under eye area, nasolabial furrows and around the mouth and chin which causes the “sad” look. What makes this method more special is its duration of between 8 – 18 months. On completion the results are instant.

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Non Surgical Face Lift Fillers

Poly and lactic acid is a protein filler, its primary role is to help stimulate collagen synthesis through the whole face.

This is a more slower, more gradual filler rather then instantaneous, however is ideally suited for women who have lost weight or are thin to start with and want to improve on the gauntness. Its greatest benefits are that it helps to firm, tighten and lifts the skin. It has a duration of about 2-3 years.

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Micro Sclerotherapy is the art of using a fine needle to inject spider veins on ladies legs with a sclerosing agent which over a period of several weeks causes those spiders veins to collapse and contract. It is most efficient form of treating spider veins with a very low rate of complications and only two days down time.

Micro-sclerotherapy is ideal for fine spider veins not varicose veins.

Cosmetic Injectables

Paramedical Dermal Therapy

IPL hair removal

IPL photo rejuvenation

Medical grade chemical peels


Medical grade needling

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